Who is SHy Kids Club?

Shy kids club is a Husband and Wife indie dev team based in Canberra, Australia.
They love playing games together and are making games you can play together too!

Get in touch with us

email: contact@shykidsclub.com

facebook: facebook.com/shykidsclub

twitter: @_shykidsclub




Nicole Lawson has spent the last few years making comics and even managed to win an award for one. Using her 2-d art skills, she now has her sights set on making fun and colourful games. Follow her on instagram and twitter @shykidnic

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Craig Brown is the evil marketing guy at AIE Canberra. He also runs the Canberra Global Game Jam site and helps out with the local developers meet ups. He pretends to be a programmer by using Playmaker in Unity and is seeking sponsorship from Farmers Union Iced Coffee.