Thanks so much for coming to learn more about our game 'The Incredible Journey of You and I'.

We are aiming to create an adorable and colourful adventure you can play with a buddy or by yourself. 
The ship in the game is made of two parts that react differently to the environment, making the controls swap between shooting and flying. It's all about co-operation and co-ordination as you master the controls and bravely save the world from those pesky party monsters that crashed your planet!

How the game works:

 Since the ship is made from two different elements, it will react differently to the surrounding environment. When you are in the air, the Air half of the ship (pink) will control where the ship will fly, the Water half of the ship (blue) will take control over the shooting and other interactive elements. When you fly into water, the controls swap and the blue ship takes control over flight and the pink ship takes control over shooting and other interactive elements.


Once you have the basic controls figured out, you will then have to destroy the mysterious creatures that have invaded your world. Some will be chilling around the landscape waiting to spit deadly poison at you as you fly past, others will be messing with the poor friendly creatures of the world causing them to block your path, and even turn them bad! To destroy the enemies, you will have to pay attention to the colour of their eyes. They will either be pink or blue or both!. You may have noticed by this point that you have different coloured bullets, pink and blue. This directly relates to which ship can shoot the enemy to destroy it.


We are working our darnedest to release 'The Incredible Journey of You and I' by mid 2018. Stop by our dev blog over the coming months to see how the game is shaping up.